Keeping your workers standing in busy traffic during infrastructure construction projects is one of the most harrowing parts of any job. As a project supervisor, it's your responsibility to keep them safe and protected by keeping certain lanes closed.

But a lane closure involves more than simply placing a few traffic cones in the street and calling it a day. Lane closures require proper communication with all members of an infrastructure construction team, local law enforcement, and TxDOT.

Flex Supply provides lane closure services you can count on to infrastructure construction projects in the East Texas area. Our operations employees are thoroughly trained and certified to bring the highest level of skill and communication to your work zone.

Some of the lane closure equipment we provide includes:

  • Barricades
  • Channelizers
  • Traffic Barrels
  • Reflective Cones
  • Rumble Strips

From freeway lane closures to ramp closures, we monitor each closure to keep devices in proper position, assist with ingress and egress from the work area, and flag pedestrians and vehicles to ensure a safe completion to every project.

Would you like to discuss your lane closure and other traffic control-related needs with a company staffed by certified specialists? Call Flex Supply today!