Product Description

As the world’s first Truck Mounted Attenuator that’s MASH TL-3 Eligible, the Scorpion II’s design makes it the safest crash attenuator truck available.

The Scorpion II TMA is constructed with linked strut and cartridge segments, joined together with a support frame. The open design of the cartridges helps to boost fuel efficiency and decrease wind resistance at highway speeds.

The Scorpion II truck-mounted attenuator comes with built-in directional lights, running lights, signal lights, and omnivolt LED brake to provide advance warning for drivers.

If an impact occurs, the Scorpion is designed to crush in modular stages, reducing the degree of impact on the driver's vehicle as well as the TMA’s host vehicle. Each cartridge section is equipped with energy-absorbing cushions, constructed with an aluminum honeycomb core and encased with an aluminum box module for high durability.

The Scorpion TMA also features curved side rails that help redirect an impacting vehicle away from the truck’s rear “coffin corners.” These rails run the entire length of the Scorpion, and their aluminum construction provides corrosion protection without sacrificing durability.

Size & Specs

The Scorpion II TMA boasts the shortest length of any Mash Eligible attenuator truck on the market, measuring only 13’, while other truck-mounted attenuators often measure over 19’.

The shorter length of the Scorpion attenuator reduces likelihood of an impact without compromising on the reliability and safety you count on from Traffix Devices.

The Scorpion II TMA is the first truck mounted attenuator in the world eligible for MASH TL-3, tested at 62.5 mph. The Scorpion II is also MASH Tested and Eligible with a host vehicle weight of 15,000 lbs and no upper weight limit, giving it the widest range of host vehicle weights on the market of any MASH Tested and Eligible TMA.

Compatibility with the Doctor Air Brake® automatic braking system adds an extra layer of protection in the event of an impact.

Don’t leave your workers’ safety up to chance – give them the most reliable option with the Scorpion II from TrafFix Devices.