Custom-Built Truck-Mounted Traffic Attenuators from Flex Supply

Flex Supply is able to custom-build TMA crash trucks to meet the exact specifications you need. Whether you’re looking for a follow truck or stationary protection for your workers.

We offer our clients a variety of customization options and pre-built attenuators, including Scorpion and Scorpion II TMAs.

If you’re in the market to purchase a new crash attenuator truck, contact Flex Supply today to speak with our sales team.

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TMA Truck Options from Flex Supply

Arrow Boards

TMAs used in lane closures are required to have an arrow board attached to them, and Flex Supply can provide LED or other boards for your attenuator truck.

Message Boards

If your truck isn’t going to be used for lane closures, you may be able to add a messenger board instead. This can help direct traffic around a construction site.


Flex Supply is able to attach a variety of attenuators to your custom TMA truck, including Scorpion and Scorpion II attenuators.


Whether you’re transporting potential crew or equipment, Flex Supply is able to customize your truck’s bed, including powder-coated finishes and more.


Flex Supply can provide amber and other custom lighting installation for your TMA truck, including amber lighting, warning lights, and more.

Cone Racks

A cone rack on your TMA truck can help your crews cordon off work areas more quickly, and we’re able to install them on your custom truck.

And More

Flex Supply has helped hundreds of construction companies build the truck-mounted attenuators they needed. Contact us today to learn more.

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TMA Truck Rentals

If you aren’t ready to purchase a truck-mounted attenuator, Flex Supply also rents TMA trucks and trailer-mounted attenuators that will help you protect your workers with less of an upfront investment.

A trailer-mounted attenuator may also be a good choice if you’re working in a more confined area. Flex Supply has an inventory of trailer-mounted attenuators to rent that you’re able to rent and use wherever you need.

If you’re looking for an attenuator rental, contact our sales team today or visit our shop to see what’s currently available.

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Attenuator Repair Services

Attenuators are there to get hit. That’s how they protect the members of your crew. After they’ve been hit, your attenuator–and your truck bed–may need some repairs.

Flex Supply provides a full range of truck-mounted attenuator repair services. We can repair or replace your attenuator and perform any other repairs you may need to the truck to ensure it adheres to TxDOT standards.

After repairs, we thoroughly inspect and test each truck to ensure it complies with safety guidelines.

If you need attenuator repairs, contact Flex Supply today to learn how we can help.

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Contact Flex Supply for All of Your Attenuator Needs

Protect your crew, protect your project. Flex Supply’s custom-built TMA trucks are built with an eye for ensuring efficient performance and enhanced safety. We use industry-leading attenuators to ensure high-quality protection.

If you need an attenuator truck, contact us today to learn how we can help.

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