Product Description

The Sentry Longitudinal Energy Dissipater (SLED) is a water-filled non-redirective gating crash cushion that is MASH Tested, Passed, and Eligible.

The SLED is designed to shield the blunt end of steel, plastic, or concrete barriers and absorb (and disperse) the energy of a vehicle impact head-on.

As sections of the barrier rupture, the impacting vehicle is enveloped by the SLED’s internal steel cables which help maintain its position and minimize the chance of secondary accidents.

Installing the SLED doesn’t require any foundation anchoring, so you can easily set it up and nearly any hard surface, from concrete to gravel to compacted dirt.

Size & Specs

The SLED’s slim profile allows you to install the SLED even on narrow shoulders and tightly spaced work zones, and the SLED’s superior flexibility means you can attach it to a variety of barrier sizes and shapes.

As the shortest length TL-3 temporary crash cushion on the market, the SLED’s dimensions make vehicle vaulting during a crash nearly impossible, and the compact design minimizes the potential debris field in the case of an impact.

Keep your work zone safe for both your crew and passenger vehicles with this sled crash cushion from TrafFix Devices.

(22 ½” W x 42” H x 12’ 7” L on the SLED TL-1)