From simple one-lane traffic control flagging operations to full interstate lane closure operations, our highly trained traffic control personnel are ready to set up safe and compliant work zones that facilitate optimal traffic flow for all drivers.

We provide temporary traffic control services through flagging operations. Our certified flaggers can perform site and project-specific flagging operations that ensure the safety of drivers and your crew.

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Protect Your Crew, Drivers, and Work Zone

The Texas Department of Transportation requires the use of certified flaggers during road work and on construction sites that require traffic diversion.

Construction flaggers protect your crew and your project. Drivers don’t always pay attention. They’re always in a hurry, and without proper safety precautions, your work crew could be at risk.

Flex Supply takes work zone safety seriously. When you work with our certified construction flaggers, you can rest easy knowing that you have safety personnel that’s as committed to protecting your crew as you are.

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Safety Flagger Services from Flex Supply

Traffic Control

If you’re working on or near roadways, a road construction flagger will ensure that traffic is aware of your crew and driving at safe speeds. Whether you’re on a municipal or county road, our team is prepared to help.

Rolling Slowdown Operations

Some work zones require extensive safety operations, with flaggers, pilot cars, and other safety precautions–all of which Flex Supply can provide. If you’re working on or near a highway, you’ll need a more extensive traffic control solution.

Storm Response

East Texas storms can devastate roads, leaving trees, limbs, and other debris. If you need to divert traffic away from storm damage, we can help. Whether you’re removing debris or working on infrastructure, Flex Supply can help.

Advanced Workzones

If you’re working on a complex project and need advanced logistics, Flex Supply can provide everything you need to keep your crew safe. If your project has several moving parts, Flex Supply is here to help design a traffic control solution.

And More

Flex Supply is committed to helping our clients increase safety and maintain appropriate traffic flow, no matter what they’re doing. Contact Flex Supply today to speak with a representative about how we can help.

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Experienced Traffic Flaggers

Our experienced traffic control flaggers have been trained to work in a variety of site conditions. They’re prepared to handle any worksite, be it a single-lane closure or a large construction project with complex traffic movements.

We’re able to provide single-team, multi-team, and pilot car operations. Our flaggers will set up your entire site to ensure that traffic flows smoothly and keeps everyone safe.

Flex Supply also provides a user-friendly and reliable radio remote-controlled automated flagging machine to streamline your work zone safety efforts.

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Trusted Flagger Company In The Tyler, TX Area

Flex Supply has been helping keep workplaces safe for years. We’re committed to providing the services our clients need, accompanied by a dedication to customer satisfaction.

No matter how complicated your work zone, we can help.

If you need construction or traffic flagging, contact Flex Supply today and get a quote for our services.