A Full Range of Traffic Control Signs and Equipment

Flex Supply provides a full range of traffic control signs and equipment for both permanent and temporary installations in the East Texas area. Our certified traffic control technicians can install equipment like truck mounted attenuators for infrastructure construction projects depending on the needs of your unique work zone.

First, we verify the proper size of signs you'll need for your project and determine the appropriate sheeting material and sign posts that fall within job site and MUTCD requirements. Next, we'll prepare submittal drawings for your approval, and then provide the highest-quality signage for installation by our experienced and professional installation crew. We are well qualified to accurately perform in diverse traffic situations, and will do so for every project you involve us in. Additionally, we're available to remove and replace your existing road signs to give them a fresh appearance, or to meet changing local, state, and federal guidelines.

When your message boards, arrow boards, and attenuators cease to function appropriately, it can cause a safety hazard for drivers, pedestrians, and your infrastructure construction team. That's why it's imperative that you have a team of professionals on call to make repairs as soon as possible. If your current traffic control signs are damaged or operating incorrectly, Flex Supply has a team of technicians ready to make whatever repairs are necessary. From general maintenance to full repair, we ensure your equipment will work properly to keep your workers and community safe.

Whether you need simple trouble shooting or completely new equipment, contact Flex Supply for your traffic control equipment installation and repair needs today!


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Truck Mounted Attenuators Installation